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allegations of misconduct in the baltimore police conduct. today a city police officer has been charged with assault on a citizen. more on the charges against sergeant mitchell. >> according to the charges it happened in west baltimore steps from the western district police station. the report says officer robert mitchell was in uniform and on duty when he assaulted a civilian and deputy commissioner jerry rodriguez referenced other recent cases of alleged officer misconduct as he spoke about it. >> we will root out corruption. we owe it to the hard-working men and women who serve stay and who have served in years past to work not to jeopardize the trust of the public. >> tie jan williams lived on the same street where the alleged attack took place. a family member told us they were aware of the charges but mitchell is charged with second-degree assault and misconduct. they say he was suspended and placed on administrative leave when the charges game about. >> these came about because of our close relationship with the states attorneys office and we try to do exactly what the commission
're basically dry over the city. 64 is the temperature at pimlico. rain in the forecast today. maybe i should say a sprinkle or shower not rain. other temperatures at edge wooveed and 65, cockeysville is up to 63 and up west columbia 64. downtown it's almost 70 degrees. the broader picture of what's going on, more shower activity. here's baltimore. the rains are south and the strongest are off norfolk right now and the virginia beaches. but a lot of clouds around the area. there's a front stalled in virginia around western maryland right now. that's boundary. we can also see high pressure over new england pulling moisture off the atlantic ocean. so the combination of those things giving us fits as far as obscuring the sun. in the plains states that's where all the big storms are going to occur today. i think that will be the newsmaker weather-wise later today. here, not bad. clouds kind of holding temperatures down a little bit. we'll see mostly cloudy skies. maybe a spotty shower. >> the girls pushed me to put some element of sun in. so but also these spotty little showers or sprinkles could
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2